The 7th Orupaap Nature Arts Festival

Venue. Juba Basketball Stadium
Saturday December 16th 2017
Venue: Juba Basketball stadium

Program of Festival Events

Morning program:
1. The Children activities, (Kids movies and storytelling, traditional gems, puppet show.
2. Conference and Seminar on the arts as a voice for peace and reconciliation.
3. Musical performances music computation traditional dance groups.

Evening program
1. Musical concert
2. Traditional dance groups
3. Performances by Comedians

Festival Objectives:

  • To establish a Cultural Exhibition Village which contains some traditional and cultural heritage material, tools and arts that existed in South Sudan.
  • To encourage young people to use the arts as a tool for peace to support those are traumatized and design an arts and cultural program to provide psycho-social support.
  • To give the young generation a forum for dialogue in schools, clubs and in open spaces around Juba and the other states of South Sudan.
  • To ensure the contribution of South Sudanese artists, especially those who grew up in camps and in displacement areas, to showcase their experiences on how they developed South Sudanese performing arts during the time of the war of liberation.
  • To build a platform for children where they can play and get to know their traditions in a haven of peace.

The further aims of the 2017 Festival.

  1. To give full support to children’s activities to show that South Sudanese kids are important in the peace process and to change the perception that children have no right to enjoy their childhood.
  2. Showcase the role women can play in peacemaking and the creation of peaceful coexistence among the population of South Sudan.
  3. Designing a trauma-healing program through the arts to support the people of South Sudan.
  4. Using puppets for creating a new way for supporting South Sudanese kids by getting to know about children’s rights, peace, unity and creating a space to grow in good environment.
  5. To give children the time to be kids and experience childhood and help them to recover their lost childhood.

The Wall for Peace
This is a space given all the children coming to the festival to contribute by painting and drawing on the Wall for Peace using different colors to express their desire for peace. Professional artists from South Sudan will guide this initiative.

The painting will be printed on the T-shirts with the theme: “let us enjoy a real childhood”.

The Role of Women in the festival
Women will play an important role in this festival, they will have their own exhibition to highlight their cultural activities different in areas of our struggle to develop a non-violent culture and they will be included in festival organization and supervision of committees.

Free Entrance