Orupaap is currently developing its training program. The underlying philosophy is to give talented young people and opportunity to develop their skills in both music and dance in a structured learning environment.

Music Lessons

Orupaap currently offers instrument lessons for young students wanting to learn. You can study the following instruments at Orupaap.

  1. Percussion (the students learn the percussion grooves from the different tribes of South Sudan)
  2. Guitar Lesson
  3. Keyboard Lessons
  4. Drumkit

The Orupaap music teachers are currently being trained in the East African Global Music Campus. In 2018 Orupaap will begin introducing courses from the Campus program as the first step toward developing a full professional training program.


In the dance program the participants who receive full artistic training are selected through auditions. The training includes classes in dance, drama, singing, drumming and anatomy. The dance program aims to educate a group of young dancers who will be able teach for Orupaap and train young people from all over South Sudan.

  1. South Sudanese Dance Styles
    The students learn the dance movements of the different tribes of South Sudan.
  2. Contemporary African Dance

Orupaap Band

The Orupaap researches and collects the original songs, music and rhythms from different parts of South Sudan, fusing them with modern South Sudanese guitar styles, keyboards, bass and drums to produce an exciting and magnetic new South Sudanese performance style.

The Band performs every Sunday in the Ashaan Beledi as well as in the city and they are regularly invited to perform at festivals in South Sudan as well as internationally. The Band was designed to reflect and represent the diversity of the people of South Sudan and its members come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, each bringing their own unique flavor to the music and dance performances to build a new identity for South Sudan.